Making cross topic links (Family and Household)

An important element of the A level paper, in particular the 10 mark question, is for students to be able to create cross topic links.

What this means: Can you show how something occurs in one topic that may have an impact on something in another topic. This often includes a ‘logical chain of reasoning’.

How can you prepare for this type of question? Start by reviewing all the topics (Couples/division of labour; childhood; theory/function of the family; demography; change in family patterns; family diversity; family policy).

Whilst doing so, start to consider the ‘obvious links’. These will be explicit in the text that you may use in class.

Then, challenge yourself! What hidden links might there be? These may be tenuous BUT the idea is to encourage you to think ‘outside the box’ (Cliche, I know) and stimulate some real deep thinking and analysis.

Need help? Here is a video to help you along with the cross topic links and then make sure that you download the grid (link below) to help you.

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