How to answer perfect 4 and 6 mark questions (2018 paper 1 exams)

Here is a guide to how to answer the perfect 4 mark and 6 mark question.


  • Appear one Paper 1 (Education) and Paper 3 (Crime)
  • 4 mark
  • 6 mark
  • Will always ask you to ‘outline’ two or three things, ways, reasons, criticisms, etc.
  • 10 marks in total = 15 minutes But may be answered in less time.


  • Read the question carefully I recommend more than once.
  • Underline keywords
  • Sometimes there may be a second part to the question, e.g. Outline two material factors that lead to social class differences in achievement. Note the ‘achievement’ make sure you reference this!
  • Start each point on a new line Even better…miss a line!
  • Check your answer by reading the question once again.

Below is a video for you to share. This one is based on PAPER 1 2018 exam series.

Examiner report

Using the examiner report to check out what did students do well, what mistakes did they make, any important ideas that will help inform your teaching/learning.

Check out the examiner report HERE:

Thanks Kate 😉

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