Family and household revision – What’s the question asking?

This is a favourite of mine as it is so adaptable. It is also useful in exposing students to a broad range of exam questions as possible.

What is the question asking?

As the name suggests, students receive a range of exam questions from a topic, e.g. family and household and they are asked to spend time thinking about what would they include in their answer.

E.g. Pen colour 1: what would they include (arguments for). Pen colour 2 what evaluations (or arguments against). Pen 3: what did they forget?


In pairs – handout on a3.

  1. They have 3 minutes to deposit as much A01 as possible.
  2. They pass their paper along. Repeat this time for 2.30min.
  3. Pass once again, this time for 2mins and so on.

Each time encourage the students to deposit ideas that they know. BUT ALSO STEAL ideas from other groups that they read.

At the end ask student using their handout which question had the least in it. AS A CLASS this is the one they know least about and the one you might want to review with them.

Use an example here:

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