Exam skill for Crime (Using the item in a 10 mark)

Looking for an exam skill activity that you can adapt? This one is for realist views of crime (Paper 3) and includes a recap/revision activity with an exam skill that is focused on the item (for a 10 mark).

The 10 mark question

The crime 10 mark question (question 3) will ALWAYS be a ‘Applying material from the item, analyse two…’. This means it is important that students know exactly what the item is like, knowing what the ‘hooks’ are, and how to apply the material from it.

The ‘hooks’

The hooks are words/phrases placed in the item specifically for students to find and attach their knowledge to, in order to answer to question.

Revision activity:

  1. Start off by recapping right and left realism. Once the time is up, students check. Use a different colour pen to add content missed (so they can focus their own revision).

2. Now review what the Item is. Show students what an item looks like from an exam paper. Point out the hooks and how they help answer the question. Based on this, ask students to write their own for the question given.

3. Students swap with their partner and try to spot the hooks. Use a highlighter.

4. Students now annotate the item applying knowledge from the revision activity (step 1) to help answer the question.

The template for the activity is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OgZeeSArtci1B_ZyE1NYbsDq_k6GE_QY/view?usp=sharing

It is double sided and two to a page.

Let me know how you get on with the activity. I would love to hear how you may have adapted it for your own teaching. Enjoy, thanks Kate 🙂

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